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Fekete Zita - Woodissimo

I started my professional carrier in 2003 as a purchaser on the Hungarian woodworking machine market. After which I was working at the commercial department of an Italian machine producer, leader of the sector.
During these years, I realized that the Hungarian joiners need a less profit-oriented approach in answering their demand. Today, with a lot of experience, I am in the favourable position, that I can act as a liaison between you, Hungarian joiner, and the leading Italian woodworking machine producers, in order to realize the best investment possible.
Moreover, I am at your disposal as an acquisition consultant and interpreter during procurement negotiation, production facility visits and/or trainings.

We believe that the topmost technological knowledge is in the producers’ possession. It is not the dealer but the producer who knows the window the most. Nowadays, to conquer the market, the investment should be based on the possible highest-level innovation. Furthermore, the total cost of ownership of the investment should be the lowest possible. These two factors justify the presence of the machine producer during the negotiation.

Woodissimo coordinates the best possible suppliers of the market and the customers in a way that the solution is based on the customers’ needs and not on the reseller’s interest. The sale is realized by the producer, ensuring the best cost-efficiency.

Furthermore, we offer consultancy on the following fields:

  • Company image and web design
  • Sales and marketing training for the wooden window
  • Product innovation – development of new window systems

Woodissimo is a completely new concept, which finds the best possible solution for you!